MailForge awarded 3/4 stars by Charles Moore @
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MailForge awarded 4/5 stars by The Mac Observer
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Designed from the ground up to run on the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows, MailForge is crafted to
offer users a wide range of powerful features that make managing email easier and more efficient.
 We offer a free 30-day trial for evaluation purposes.
 MailForge 3 Features 
•Edit all parts of an incoming email
•Easily redirect emails
•Multi-window or tabbed interface
•Powerful, fast searching
•Junk mail filtering
•Manual filtering
•Full UTF-8 support
•Scheduled email sending
•View plain or HTML emails
•Ability to sort by email address
 •Send text or formatted emails
  •Import from Eudora®
•Advanced attachment saving
 •And much more…
 **MailForge 3 is a paid upgrade**
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MailForge 3
Is a leaner, faster, more
stable and reliable email
client with advanced
features not found in
other email programs.
Open mailboxes and edit
every facet of an email,
manually change the
status of emails, use
return receipts, perform
powerful searches and